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Cluster Six

I really went into this with no expectations. I snagged it while it was free and wasn't even gonna start it up before deleting it. I dunno what made me check it out before I did, but I am so glad that I pushed on that little robot icon. It's a runner, but you control the colors for the character (kind of like Polara without jumps, or probably closer to Totem Runner) to smash through walls, jump over or attack and destroy enemies, cross a gap (with a flying character...), ect... There are also permanent upgrades for defence you can purchase for each of the 5 characters (a different upgrade for each enemy you'll face). This, with absolutely no IAP. It's something they could have very easily added, and totally backed away from. While it may not have been the smartest buisness idea, I totally respect it. I'm gonna have to go through their catalogue and pick up a game that does have IAPs (there's a few... which makes this outting even more respectable) and show some support. The only thing that could have made this game better is different modes... not even modes, a different mode. An endless mode or puzzle mode... something to keep us coming back and competing for high-scores after we're done with the campaign. However, I got this game for free, and docking it a point because it didn't have enough content seems downright silly stupid. So thank you Imperia Online! =oD

Very fun

Just got around to playing it and have to say it's fun and challenging. I recommend checking this out!

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